Weekend Links

Truth. Feeling so lucky to have our little pocket in Williamsburg.

Alberto and I saw this on Labor Day and really enjoyed it, though I left the theatre feeling rather unsettled. That Elisabeth Moss, I love her career.

Why writers procrastinate (definitely rings true with me). There are 10 kids in my family, and I saw this ‘phenomenon’ playing out with the youngest– we all had the same parents raising us, but could something have changed with their education compared to the elders’? Reading this article reminded me of this great piece of advice.

Guys, we could all make these healthy, fudgy, protein-y donuts. But can I justify buying yet another pan to keep in my tiny kitchen?

Since it’s been hotter than hell in New York City this week, I’ve naturally been idealistically thinking about winter brusqueness and coziness. Can someone find me a vegan version of these?

I can’t wait to try these. I love their pitch– less is more, emphasizing your natural beauty rather than wearing a mask, a fresh face will never fail.

What have you been looking at this week?

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