Weekend Links

On this rainy, rainy day, Alberto and I are sleeping in, making a giant green chocolate smoothie, making carbonara for lunch, slow-roasting tomatoes, watching some Sons of Anarchy (Alberto likes to pretend he’s a biker when he’s on his scooter), and I’ll probably bake something later on, TBD.

Here are a few other things to keep you curled up in bed a little longer:

Today Alberto and I are also venturing down to Dough. I’ve been craving a great doughnut since my cleanse (odd, since I’m really not a doughnut person), and I hear these are some of the best in New York City.

I recently sent out invitations to our halloween party, and I love using Paperless Post. Amazing design, easily customizable, and free!

I really hesitate to encourage this idolization of the chic French woman (after my Italian disillusionment this summer), but I actually really loved this round-up of French girl beauty secrets from Vogue.

OMG, every episode of Gilmore Girls is now available on Netflix. Scratch Sons of Anarchy and carbonara, this rainy day is ideal for a Gilmore Girls marathon, boyfriends be damned.

Seeing celebrities on the subway is always deeply satisfying. Look, they’re just like us! One time I saw Jonathon Lithgow and his wife taking the subway home from seeing a Broadway show, and I thought it was just darling.

This news about walruses’ unusual behavior this year is deeply unsettling.


(featured picture by one of my favorite photographers, Rodney Smith)

editor of Stonefruit, unreasonably fond of fresh Mediterranean figs, laughably frightened by jellyfish.

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