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A busy weekend thus far! After extensive research, (at least 3 hours’ worth, no exaggeration), I woke up yesterday to undertake the very serious task of making a good friend her birthday cake. There are a million cake recipes out there, but of course I couldn’t just find 1 recipe and bake it, I had to combine 3 recipes for my perfect cake. (And I almost always try a new recipe for a special occasion when really I should be going for something tried and true with no surprises…) Always ambitious, eh? I settled on a Pistachio Lemon Cardamom cake with chocolate buttercream icing. And it’s safe to say I’ll be making it again. My favorite little trick lately is to use kefir in place of heavy cream or buttermilk. Especially in frosting, which isn’t heated, you’re getting some great strains of probiotics with all that sugar!

Sadly, since the sun had gone down and I’m not crazy about our lighting for nighttime photo shoots, no pictures of the cake were taken. But I might bake another just for the blog and post the recipe.

Alberto and I also went apartment shopping, and unlike last week’s venture which ended in a fight, we harmoniously (and excitedly) picked our new kitchen table! The birthday party was great (don’t you love it when friends have awesome friends?), and soon we’ll be off for a glorious autumnal run through Prospect Park. The weather this beautiful Sunday could not be more perfect.

Here are a few interesting things I read this week:

The masterful Neil Gaiman wrote a children’s book featuring women who do not require men to be the heroes of the tale. I can’t wait to read it. (Cover and illustration featured above, by Chris Riddell).

This sounds pretty amazing for cultural New Yorkers. Kudos, de Blasio, for making the arts more accessible.

I think this Instagram feed is entertaining, in a marketing-appreciation kind of way.

How American Parenting is Killing the American Marriage. (Neither of which are happening in my life, don’t get any ideas).

Ug. I’ve already got my paws on Lena Dunham’s new book, though it’s patiently awaiting the conclusion of my current read.

Speaking of which, I just love how cheerful almost everyone in this book is, no matter their circumstances.

Brunch is for jerks. Can we all say amen to this (even though we all obviously enjoy a nice brunch now and then)?


What are your thoughts? What have you been reading? I really do want to hear!

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