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When I asked Alberto if he’d like to run the Sleepy Hollow 10k, I was kind of hoping he’d say no. I’ve run it twice before, and I always really enjoy it; Sleepy Hollow is delightfully Halloweeny, and the Hudson River Valley is just gorgeous in the Fall. But being in a happy serious relationship has really distracted me from my fitness goals, and this year I didn’t know if I was up to feeling bad about my disappointing performance. But we have been trying to get back on the fitness bandwagon, so Alberto enthusiastically said ‘Yes’!

We drove up to Sleepy Hollow on the scooter as the sun rose yesterday morning, and met my sister at the starting line. In the end, I think we were both proud enough of our performances, though eager to keep practicing and tighten up our times. After a farmers market stop, lunch, and coffee, we met up with friends who live up there, and enjoyed the trees, quiet, and river views. All in all, a great day in upstate NY.

Here are a few things that caught my attention this week:

I’ve been following Helen Levi’s ceramic work for a while, lusting after a pair of ceramic mugs. I saw that she was selling her wares at a pop-up shop in Vinegar Hill with my friend Sarah of BK17 bakery, and I had to go see some of her work in person. The lovely ocean bowl, featured above, came home with me. Regrettably, the sourdough bread loaves were sold out.

I can’t stop wishing for goods from The Little Market— a web-based store featuring handmade items ethically sourced from artisans around the world. Gorgeously styled! In fact, I couldn’t resist, and just bought this. And I very much want this.

Empowering artwork for women– these are pretty rad.

I am just dying to try Beautycounter! (Refinery 29 featured them this week as they’ve just launched their color collection!) Alas, I am trying to hold out until I’ve completely gone through ALL makeup and skincare I have on hand from years in the beauty industry. And I think it may take a little while.

Rock the Vote got me again.

I am not their demographic, but I can’t deny reading this blog/online mag every day.

I love the gorgeous and ethical work coming from Block Shop. Featured this week in New York Times! I want one so badly, and I think I’d get this one.

P.S. What have you been finding online this week?

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