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Whoa, I know I’m jumping the gun here, but I had some Halloween-sensitive links to share.

Alberto and I are hosting a little Halloween party, which is so nice! Every year I wish I had a friend with an apartment big enough to host a cozy, chill Halloween gathering, but no one is up for it. So this year I’m covering our kitchen table with newspaper for some pumpkin carving, setting up the projector to run some spooky old films (and of course I’ve got to include my childhood perennial favorite), stocking up on hard apple cider (and maybe some pumpkin ale, but I’ve been so disappointed in the past), and of course have some tasty treats in store.

Alberto will be roasting some slow-roast tomatoes (one of his favorites), I’ll be making up this easy (and super yummy) appetizer, Alberto will be roasting some chestnuts, and I’m baking a pumpkin gingerbread cake with honey mascarpone frosting.

Check out my spooky film lineup herehere, here, here, here, and here. (Hulu is a treasure trove of the Criterion Collection)!

My last Halloween-related link: here is a stellar lineup of some easy, festive (but not crazy), even sophisticated makeup looks you can try if you don’t feel like a full dress-up for work, party, or anything at all. (I worked with Robin Black on a NY Fashion Week show a couple of years ago, she’s pretty awesome).

I just love a good Masterpiece Theatre BBC miniseries. And Death Comes to Pemberley is incredibly satisfying. I don’t think I’m crazy about using the cast of Pride and Prejudice for a murder mystery, but I can’t deny that it feels so good to see a peek at them years after the novel ends. The casting and production work is superb. (I love Anna Maxwell Martin in everything she does). Enjoy!

A fantastic roundup of gorgeous and stylish calendars for 2015 (thank you Miss Moss)!

I made this for dinner last night– it was easy and super satisfying. Great leftovers lunch today too!

(featured still from the 1922 film Haxan: witchcraft through the ages)

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