Little Bear

I’ve spent the last two days packing. I can’t believe how much I have thrown/given away, I can’t believe how much stuff is left to pack after that, and I don’t know what people do when they have to pack up an apartment (much less a house!) larger than my thimble-sized nest.

I’m going through the inevitable retrospective of my life as I come across a photo booth film strip with an ex-boyfriend, all of my pictures from my theatrical adventures in college, and little tidbits I’ve saved from various events, dates, jobs, etc.

This New York Times article about the Japanese home-organizing sensation, Marie Kondo, has been making the blog rounds, and I can’t deny it popped up in my feed in a pretty timely manner. I’ve been thinking about her advice as I sort through each and every item I own: does it spark joy? If it doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it.

I’ve also been working under a small grey cloud of anxiety– what if Alberto hates all my things? Not only the sheer amount of them, but the things themselves? What if he dislikes the knick knacks that I delight in (I don’t have very many, and they’re well curated, but he doesn’t have any knick knacks at all). What if my treasured book collection bugs him? What if he thinks it’s ridiculous how I’m holding on to my DVD collection, even though I don’t currently own a DVD player, or a computer that can play them? What if my beloved pictures are relegated to storage?

I wonder what he’ll think when I pull this picture of a baby bear out of a box and ask where he thinks it should hang. Will it strike him as bewildering that a grown woman (with no children) would like to adorn her home with a framed picture of a fantastic little bear? Readers, this bear is non-negotiable. Kondo’s words echo in my head every time I pass this bear– he is the epitome of sparking joy! I purchased this guy a few years ago because every time I looked at the sly expression on his face I literally cracked up. This fur-baby reminds me not to take life too seriously. It’s like the equivalent of watching baby panda youtube videos, but it’s a beautiful work of art hanging on my wall at all times.

Stay tuned, and I’ll feature this little bear in his new home in Williamsburg.

P.S. I can’t believe that Taylor Swift’s new album is the perfect soundtrack to packing. I need some Swiftamine, stat.

P.P.S. Please share with me, was there an item or items of yours that your partner raised an eyebrow at when you moved in together? What is your non-negotiable? Does your partner own something that drives you crazy?

(featured art by Sharon Montrose. I purchased through 20×200, a great resource for affordable art).

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