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Today was the most productive Sunday I’ve had in a long time. After a very late night of thinking (and maybe a few tears), I woke up this morning to drink 2 huge green teas and move into Alberto’s apartment. With the help of Alberto and a few friends, we moved all of my worldly possessions down 5 flights of stairs into a pickup truck, the next tenants’ things up those 5 flights, drove to Williamsburg, and finally carried my things up 2 flights into Alberto’s place. Alberto and I raced to a Crossfit class (of all things), and then explored an excellent local plant shop I am all too excited to spend too much money in: Sprout Home. And all of this before brunch! Next on the agenda, Inter-Milan vs. Verona. Before the game ended, I was back on the road to deliver a few big boxes to Housing Works, an incredible organization. Check them out, donate, and shop (not to mention, get a tax break)! Then back up those 5 flights a few more times with Ikea purchases. We are finally back in my new home, ready to make a pizza, drink some celebratory champagne we’ve been saving since my 30th birthday, and then some Sons of Anarchy catch-up.

Here are a few great things I’ve seen around the internet this week:

I’ve watched 3 out of the 4 episodes of Olive Kitteridge, and I love it. Should it bother me that I identify so much with the acerbic, curmudgeonly (though sharp as a whip) protagonist? Based on a Pulitzer Prize-winning collection of short stories, with such fine work done by the entire cast and crew (props to the director, Lisa Cholodenko). What great film-making, folks.

Inspiring lady explorers you’ve (mostly) never heard of.

This Warby Parker Winter 2014 collection is killing me. Those fades!

This robotic baby penguin doing scientific work in the wild cracks me up.  Watch the video. Hurray for modern science.

Gapkids + Kate and Jack Spade = a match made in heaven. For a very limited time only!

Do you identify more as an extravert or an introvert? A theme on this subject has been floating around the internet for the last few months, and I have to say that I really enjoyed reading this article this week discussing 10 ways introverts interact differently with the world. It’s nice to read something that helps you understand yourself better.

Oh man, Nordstrom boot sale.

Over and out, folks. Onto pizza and champagne!

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